Bridal make up and Hairstyles

Make up artist e Hair Stylist. Home service in Milan, lake Como, lake Lecco, lake Garda, Bergamo, Tuscany, Sardinia, Liguria, Rome: we are a team of Make up Artist and professional Hair Stylist

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Veronique is the owner of Bridal Make up and Hairstyles. She has been awarded prizes for the Best Quality Service in Bridal Make up and Hairstyles with Recognition by the Wedding Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.


We have worked for many years in the world of weddings. Bridal Make up and bridal hairstyles - Home service  in Milan, Lake Como, Lake Lecco, Bergamo, Lake Garda, Varese, and many other Italian cities Tuscany, Sardinia, Liguria. We specialize in make up and hairstyles for brides but we also work with VIPS and international singers.


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bridal make up and hair styles

What makes us different from other competitors?

We are distinguished by our skill in understanding the needs of our Brides. Our work is the fruit of love and passion for the world of marriage! A special combination of make up and hairstyle ensures that you will look radiantly beautiful.

We know how to interpret your Dreams, because  on that day you will be free to dream!

With great joy, our brides have published many reviews of our services. What is most apparent from their messages, in addition to our professionalism, is the great sensitivity we show in immediately addressing their needs and  wishes thereby creating a feeling of friendship which lasts in time.


The products we use are only the best brands:

bridal make up hair styles

Our Goal:

To make your dreams of being a radiant, beautiful  bride come true.

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We also provide:

• Make up and hairdressing courses for schools and individuals
• Preparation for hen nights:  great as a gift  for the bride with all her friends
• Make up by a team dedicated to events and  fashion shows
• Make up at home
• Hairstyling at home
• Collaboration with photographers and models for photographic services


Why does a make up test need to be booked months in advance?

A make up test must be done at least four months before the wedding date, for a variety of reasons:

The first is to book our availability. Once the make up test is set, you will be sure that your wedding date will be reserved to you.

The second is to have all the time necessary to follow the advice the make up artist will give you. A classical example is the redefinition of the eyebrows. Girls, remember that eyebrows are the most important part of corrective make up. They have the ability to completely overturn your expression. If done correctly  your look will appear more open, if badly done eyebrows can really spoil your look.


What should I do before the test?


What we definitely invite you to do before fixing the make up and hairstyle test is precisely that, choosing your dress. It is essential for us to see the wedding dress to ensure a harmony between make up, hairstyle and the dress. The choice of  the dress is fundamental for deciding the hairstyle, ensuring that no decorative details of the dress are covered. Secondly, it is useful to know the colour of the various accessories.

How does the make up test work?

Always remember that it is not the make up that will decide your look. Both the  make up and hairstyle will be carefully studied together, keeping in mind your tastes, your habits, and, as said earlier, the dress and any jewelery you will be wearing.


How do you usually make up? This is to respect the image you are used to seeing of yourself.

During the test, different looks will be studied, so the test  is not just a single make up and hairstyle test. Usually with regards to  the make up, we propose a natural look but the intensity of the make up is increased until you are convinced of the choice of colours and the effects of light.

Speaking to some atelier friends, their clients often go to the store with some very precise ideas about how they want their dress to be. In almost 50 per cent of cases the atelier will find that their clients change their minds, perhaps focusing on a dress that they would never have thought of. The same thing happens with hairstyles. That's why the test is so important.

The make up and hairstyle test
  will be done at your home. Our advice is to set the test date well in advance to be sure to have availability for the wedding day. The day of the make up and hairstyle tests will be a very important moment.

This is the month of promotions! Hurry to place a  booking!


What do you need to do after the make up and hairstyle test?

Try to observe how you look, you can also ask some friends for their thoughts.
Talk to your make up artist and hair stylist if there is something that does not convince you, so you can clarify immediately what to do.
It's important, if you find there's something that has faded from the make up or changed in the hairstyle before the time, that you note these  points on the card provided so that they can be corrected on the wedding day.

Keep in mind that if you eat something oily the lipstick, even though water proof, will go away. For the day of the wedding it will be crucial to buy the same lipstick for the various retouches.

We offer our Bridal Make up and Hairstyles service at home in Milan, Como, Lecco, Bergamo, Lake Garda   and many other Italian cities (tuscany, sardinia, liguria, Rome.

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How do you figure out if you've chosen a good make up artist?

As I said before, unfortunately so many professionals pretend they have done an on-line course on you-tube or that they know how to do make up well. 
The work of a make up artist is a complex one that requires technical and practical skills and the make up artist also has to have gained enough experience to understand the different shapes of faces and types of  skin.

Here are some key points to evaluate if you have chosen the right person:
- The professional will match your complexion so that your skin looks uniform and luminous, even if the future bride asks for a natural  effect.
- The eyes and their look must be improved with the various techniques used to lengthen and open them out, even with the aid of fake eyelashes; I always recommend using those with tufts because they are more natural and do not come off.
- The lips have to follow the make up line chosen and will not need to be enlarged more than one millimeter.
- The make up will have to last all day by using special fixes, face powders and sprays.

Trends in  Bridal Make up, matching with the dress and accessories:

As for the trends this year, I can confirm that the most fashionable colours are still the various shades of brown, orange and pink. It is always good to consider the choice of the tinted foundation, the colour of the complexion, that is to say, if your skin is more rosy or more orange. For the colour of eye shadows, observe the colour of the iris, the hair and the wedding dress.

It is very important to know on the day of the test, what colour your dress will be. If it is coloured, you will have to match the right eye shadows. If your dress is for example blue, do not think of using a blue make up because it might not be very refined. Do not worry, we are  make up artists ready to help you. It is very important to know the colour of your jewellery, too. For example if your necklace is in yellow gold, the eyeshadows will need some warm shades. If not, you may risk spoiling  the tonality.


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